This project was part of an interaction design course at Carnegie Mellon University. The task was to design an iPad magazine layout for a cookbook. We were to pick our own niche. Spatchcock magazine is a cooking magazine for men who want to know how to cook and feel good about it, but do not want to turn to pretty, pastel magazines that are clearly directed towards women. 

Design Process:

  • Created three personas to understand our target audience, focussing on different motivations and stages in life
  • Carried out a detailed competitive analysis that revealed an undeniable gap in that cooking magazines are directed towards women, and mens magazines have nothing to do with cooking, ever
  • Assembled a mood board to understand the overlap in design elements between the two groups of magazines. We tried to identify what men find appealing to read, and how we can expand that to food and cooking
  • Developed a color palette that adhered to the current male stereotype, but allowed for milder content
  • Came up with a typographic hierarchy that used bold fonts, but also incorporated subtler fonts that suited the context of winter desserts
  • Defined information hierarchy and interaction map that allowed for options such as in-app shopping for tools needed to implement each recipe
  • Included detailed views for when people are actually cooking, and cover pages for articles to maintain uniformity across different elements

Lessons that made me a better designer:

  • The audience completely defines the design
  • Being obnoxious while still being respectful is a powerful to make a statement
  • How content is organized greatly affects how well it is received

Competitive analysis revealing a gap in the market for cookbooks exclusively for men

Mood board that defined our design aesthetic and also the mood of the magazine app

Final Design