IxD at BitTorrent


I started work at BitTorrent as the Interaction Designer on the BitTorrent and uTorrent Android apps. I recently also took over the Interaction Design of the BitTorrent Bundle Android app and the BitTorrent and uTorrent Mac torrent clients. I have a lot on my plate, and I appreciate every challenge I face. I've been lucky to work with an incredible team of engineers, data scientists, product managers and marketing managers. Check out what makes my team awesome here!

How I've contributed so far at BitTorrent

  • Steered the direction of the mobile client from a completely utilitarian app to a media-centric experience
  • Leveraged clean, transparent UX to drive conversions and increase revenue by 92% with thoughtful upsells
  • Used friendly on-boarding to increase media consumption by 43%
  • Helped UX affect the product roadmap and strategy
  • Promoted user-focussed decision making among team of engineers, product owners and data scientists
  • Developed a solid understanding of one of the most interesting user bases I've worked with
  • Evolved the design process to go wide and narrow, and then repeat

Lessons that made me a better designer

  • I am not the user
  • People don't read
  • Qualitative research as a consequence of quantitative research is a very powerful tool for improvement
  • Business goals aren't the enemy of good design. They improve design when approached the right way
  • Educating people about the need for good UX is a never-ending, and incredibly satisfying job.

The team and the company shape me as a designer everyday. It's a constantly challenging, humbling and empowering experience.

Reach out to me, and I'd be happy to talk more in detail about my work and process at BitTorrent. 

BitTorrent + uTorrent Android

BitTorrent + uTorrent v1.0 

v1.0 of the BitTorrent App

BitTorrent + uTorrent v2.0

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