Workshirt, Inc. is a startup located in Pittsburgh and funded by Alpha Labs, a widely recognized startup incubator. HitchedPic is a wedding photography based iOS application by Workshirt, Inc.. I worked with two other graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University to help our clients gain insight into their customer base, understand the competition from a usability and design perspective, create a new look-and-feel for their product based on user research, and build a portfolio of their own for future investors. 

Design Process:

  • Started off with a thorough Heuristic Analysis, which uncovered over 80 usability issues with varying degrees of severity. This gave our clients fixes for their current system, while also teaching them how each of these can be avoided in the future
  • Conducted Think Aloud sessions as an addition to the Heuristic Evaluation, allowing for a fresh user's perspective. We gave people a bunch of tasks and observed the issues they faced
  • Analyzed eight competitors in the wedding photography space and created a feature matrix to help build a solid feature list for a competitive product and identify what could set us apart
  • Interviewed 21 people including engaged and recently married couples and individuals. This uncovered issues couples commonly face when it comes to collecting wedding-related photos
  • Conducted an I like/ I wish exercise with recent wedding guests to learn their perspective and identify opportunities there too
  • Created an affinity diagram of our data points so far, and presented this to the client
  • Walked the affinity wall with the client to look at the data, generate ideas to solve issues surfaced and created an affinity of the ideas as well
  • Voted on and discussed all idea groups that surfaced, which we then filtered to make design recommendations to the team
  • Storyboarded different options to get feedback from the team
  • Documented research findings in a research book that you can look at here

Lessons that made me a better designer

  • Product strategies derived from user research are inherently more kick-ass because they can adapt to roadblocks
  • Involving clients in the design process is key to a thorough requirements analysis
  • A transparent design process urges stakeholders to think about the user and builds confidence in design

Competitive analysis of apps and websites in the wedding photography space

Directed storytelling where a participant walked through her wedding pictures

Analysis and affinity diagramming of about 300 data points

Conducting a visioning session with the clients where we derived opportunities directly from the data

Synthesized groups of opportunities that we then filtered to form recommendations

Final Design

Our goal through this project was to help WorkShirt, Inc. understand their core users better and to show them various gaps in the market that they could address. In order to do this effectively, we felt it very important to document our process in detail and present all our research findings, test results and recommendations for the future. We created this research book, which could also serve as something they could present to potential investors as proof of concept. You can access the book here!